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Dr Rohit Yadav


Top Dentist in Noida

Dr Rohit Yadav completed his Post Graduation(MDS) from the prestigious King George Medical College ,(KGMC) Lucknow, India, in the field of Prosthodontics and Oral Implantology. During his PG, he successfully treated numerous partially and completely edentulous patients using Dental Implants.

He achieved his Master of Surgery (MS) in Strategic Implantology from Munich, Germany under Prof .Dr Stephen Ihde. 

He has been credited as a Certified International Teacher & Speaker on Strategic Implantology (International Implant Foundation) from St Petersburg, Russia. 

Currently, He is running his clinical practice exclusively on Cortical Implantology by the name of Re-Hab Dental in Noida. He is also a visiting Consultant to various reputed Clinics and Hospitals in Delhi, NCR and nearby Cities.

Dr Rohit has always believed in the ideology of providing comfortable dental care to patients ,in a minimally invasive way and without having them experience exhaustive waiting periods. Hence he is associated with Strategic Implantology System which is based on this concept.

Dr Rohit is actively involved in Treating Patients and enabling them to get back to their routine diet (food) without having to wait them for long exhaustive waiting months.

This is possible using Strategic Implantology which is his main area of interest and work.

Dr Rohit Top Implantologist in Noida | Top Strategic Implantologist in Delhi NCR | Top Implant Dentist in Noida Highly Experienced Doctor.

 Dr.Rohit Sharing Experience

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What Are Immediate Loading Implants…?

These are Cortical Implants,,,the help you regain fixed teeth that allows you to eat within 48hrs…!!!

Aan whats more…No Extensive Surgery or Sutures Required…!!!

So, No more Exhaustive waiting for months to eat your favourite food…


Complete Laser Dentistry

Providing you the most gentle dental experience.

Our prime Aim is to deliver utmost comfort to our patients.

Introducing Lasers For all Treatments and procedures and procedures.

Walk out with smile and confidence.

Walk out with a happy experience……….

"OPG Facility Available Here''

Root Canal Treatment [ Laser and Microscope assisted RCT ]

Immediate Loading Dental Implants [Fixed Teeth]

Kids Dental Treatment [Pain Free Laser Treament For Kids]

Laser Assisted Surgeries [ No Incision, Minimal Bleeding or Pain, Sutureless ]

Restorations [ Tooth Coloured Cosmetic Dental Fillings ]

Crowns and Bridges

Fixed Or Removable Dentures

Braces Treatment [ Orthodontic Treatment ]

Teeth Whitening [ Dental Bleaching ]

Wisdom tooth removal [ Surgical ]

Dr Suvidha Seth


Kids Dentist in Noida

Dr Suvidha Seth is a Pediatric Dental Surgeon and Certified Laser Dentist in Noida..

She Graduated from ITS Dental College in 2009. She completed her MDS from the prestigious KING GEORGE MEDICAL COLLEGE,

(KGMC) Lucknow. and persued Associate Fellowship in LASER DENTISTRY from World Clinical Laser Institute(WCLI), USA.

Her inclination towards LASER practice in Dentistry owes to her quest for delivering Anxiety free Dental treatment to her patients, and make the overall Dental visit a pleasant experience for them

She is constantly innovating and is keen to incorporate latest ways of doing the various treatment procedures, aiming to achieve maximum patient Comfort and provide them more quality work

She excels in handling children during their dental treatment ,and makes the overall visit a Fun trip for them.

Your Kid will surely love her during the treatment and Visiting a dentist will no more be a  nightmare for him.

Dr Suvidha Seth Best Pediatric Dentist in Noida & Top Child Specialist Dentist in Noida Highly Experienced Doctor.

Dentist Near Me - Best Dental Clinic - Home
Dentist Near Me - Best Dental Clinic - Home


We Know,, Your kid doesn’t like that shrieky noise of our drills, nor do they want those needles to be pricked…

Then why not go the LASER way…!!

Faster Procedures,, Injection Free and unmatched comfort to your child.

Let him walk away with a smile and an experience that’s cherishable..!!

Appliance therapy & Counselling for Children with harmful Habits like Thumb sucking or Mouth breathing…

Laser Dental Treatment in Noida

Dentist Near Me - Best Dental Clinic - Home

Happy Kids After The Dental Treatment”

Total Care

We offer all your family’s Dental Care conveniently under one Roof. We use the most Updated equipments and latest technologies to provide you nothing but the best.

Affordable Dental Care

We aim to provide you the best Dental Treatment, while still attempting to keep it affordable for all our patients.

Dentist Near Me - Best Dental Clinic - Home

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Dental decay (caries) and periodontal (gum) disease are among the most common diseases afflicting mankind, especially in the so-called advanced nations. The higher the standard of living, the more likely it is for tooth loss to occur. As has been shown already, both dental caries and periodontal disease are the result of bacterial action, in the plaque, which collects on the teeth and gums.

If it is possible to cleanse the mouth completely of the bacterial plaque and maintain it that way, there would be low incidence of tooth decay or any other gum problems.


The tooth has five surfaces – front, back, the two sides and the chewing surface. Brush the top and bottom teeth separately. Most dentists agree that the bristle tips should be applied at 45 degrees to the gum area just above where the teeth emerge and should concentrate on the gum margins (where most people miss). The bristles are moved back and forth with a gentle circular scrubbing motion and short strokes. Do not forget the teeth right at the back of the mouth and also the inside surface of the teeth. Finally brush all the biting surfaces. It often takes three or four visits to teach someone to brush effectively!


We aim to light up all the billions of smiles across India.
Our world class clinic is committed to help you get the bright, white and healthy smile you have always wanted and deserved. Your new and beautiful smile awaits!


Testimonials Slider Of Patient Feedback's

  • I visited Re-Hab Dental for  my mothers missing teeth and got Immediate Dental Implants From Dr Rohit. Highly Impressed by his way of handling his patients, especially old aged people. Extremely patient and Humble. So Happy to see my mother eating her favourite food again in just 4 days . Thanks Team Re-Hab Dental. Highly Recommended.
    Aruna Haldar Patient
  • Had a great Experience with Dr Rohit . I Got full mouth Strategic Dental implants, after which I could start eating from the 3rd Day itself after getting Implants done.I am so happy to get back to my normal routine diet so early, had no Idea that Implants could be so convenient and Simple. I would recommend Dr Rohit Yadav to anyone seeking dental implant treatment. Best Implantologist in Delhi NCR
    Y N Mishra Patient
  • Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time Dr.Suvidha is an experienced Dental Surgeon.I am really glad and thankful the way she did the treatment of my 3 yrs old lad. The Clinic is equipped with latest equipment and technology.Be it Sterlization, Be it hygiene, be it a doctor's behaviour, every aspect is just PERFECT. Even the staff is very COOPERATIVE. Highly recommended for any kind of Dental Problem. Best wishes
    Amay Garg Visited For Child Teeth Problem
  • Thanks to Re-Hab Dental And Dr Rohit Yadav, For my Dental Implants.My teeth look and feel so natural after Implants that I forget they are not my natural teeth. Got back my confidence .Best Dental Clinic in Noida for Implant Treatment. Very Courteous staff and healthy ambience.Strict hygiene maintained. Recommend to everyone.  
    Kshama Mehra Patient

Best Implant Dentist in Noida

Dental Implant Clinic in Noida

*Disclaimer : The content available on this website is solely for educational purpose and to create awareness in general interest in dental related issues.The before and after pictures of patients shown on this website The patients have given consent for publishing their pictures on the website. Dental Clinic in Noida

Preet B Yadav
Preet B Yadav
1. December, 2022.
Excellent Doctor
21. November, 2022.
Superb Dental Solutions in Noida
15. November, 2022.
Very very thanks to Dr Rohit yadav and Dr Suvidha seth for best corticobasal dental implant surgery done by them without any complications, Rehab dental is very hygienic and all staffs are very humble and friendly, thanks to all
Vishal Ghosh
Vishal Ghosh
3. November, 2022.
Best dentist in Noida. Located in Sec 41. Best for dental implant. Only 3 days and new teeth. No pain. No Problem. Very Co-Operative team. Thanks
Akhilesh Kumar
Akhilesh Kumar
22. October, 2022.
Best dentist in Noida.
Akhilesh Kumar Kaushik
Akhilesh Kumar Kaushik
22. October, 2022.
Best dentist in noida. i am going since around last 10 Year. Very professional team
Saakshi Bhatnagar
Saakshi Bhatnagar
20. October, 2022.
Very good experience. Explained the process in detail.
shalini singh
shalini singh
15. October, 2022.
I am very much satisfied ☺️ Do visit Good facilities, nice environment and experienced doctors.
malvika dhatwalia
malvika dhatwalia
21. September, 2022.
Finally my Father in law got a painless teeth removal. Thank you Doc Suvedha.
saurabh chauhan
saurabh chauhan
20. September, 2022.
All good.

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