Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is a digital design of the smile by means of the study the relationships between the teeth, gums, and lips of the patient in order to plan their treatment virtually.

This technique was born in response to a new patient with demands and aesthetic expectations much more demanding, who wants to see what will be the result of their treatment before even starting it. The dentist who practices the DSD, therefore, is not a simple dental specialist, but a “Smile Designer” who will achieve the right balance in the face of each patient.

A great advantage of this innovative system is that it does not require special medical equipment. With digital photographs taken correctly and in good resolution the dentist can study each case and plan their treatment virtually.

The patient can comment on the final result and share with the specialist their doubts and concerns about the treatment. Together, they can get the ideal simulation for both of the final smile.

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